Evening Skye Custom Quilled & Beaded Creations

Anpétu Wašté! (Fine Day!)  Welcome to Evening Skye.  I make custom quilled and beaded crafts keeping with the tradition of American Indian ways.  Quillwork artist Maryjane Angelo “Heals the Wild” (who is researching her Lakota heritage) takes natural and dyed porcupine quills and fashions them into beautiful pieces of art suitable for display or everyday use.  Quillwork was used to adorn clothing, bags, pipe stems, hair pieces, and many more items before the Europeans brought beads to North America. 


You can create your own design or see if there are any items already made (e-mail for photo’s and prices).  You can choose your colors of quills or beads, add tin cones, feathers, shells, fur, fringe, etc…  These are only limited by your imagination.  We are also happy to quill or bead on an item you already have.  Quilled work is $10.00 a flat square inch $20.00 a linear inch for wrapped quill plaiting, beading is $5.00 a square inch.  Take a moment to look at some of the items we’ve made to help you decide what you would like us to make for you.   Profits from the sale of our craft items go to the care, rehabilitation & release of injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife at Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


Thank you for visiting us today!  Enjoy your stay!

Evening Skye

To contact us:

Phone: 814-786-9677

Email: quills@skyes-spirit.com

Web: http://quills.skyes-spirit.com

889 Farron Surrena Road

Harrisville, PA  16038

Please donate to Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the caring for wildlife and educating the public on the conservation of natural resources.  Thanks!!!!

Close up of a quilled tobacco pouch designed after the Iroquois Tree of Peace.