Item #8

Porcupine Tail Hair Brush.  Made from a tail of a porcupine.  This is a replica of the same type of hair brushes that were used by the American Indians from many different tribes.  Fully functional hair brush.

Price: $100.00 plain or $140.00 quilled and beaded

Item #9

Prayer, Talking, Adornment Feather with Rosette, quillwork, sterling feathers, etc...  These feathers can be made with many different types of rosettes and quillwork colors and many other adornments.  WE ONLY USE LEGAL FEATHERS THAT HAVE BEEN MOLTED NATURALLY.

Price: $25.00 and up for no quills, $35.00 and up with quillwork.  Prices depend on amount of quillwork, type of feather, size of rosette, etc..  It can be as simple or as complex as you would like.  Beaded Handle Extra.

Evening Skye Custom Quilled & Beaded Creations

Quilled Feathers &

Porky Hairbrush

**All items on this page have been sold and are representative of what we create.  They can help you decide what you may like to order.

Item #7

Quilled hairpiece with quill wrapped drops.  This particular piece is also wrapped with mink and has 2 Mute Swan Feathers.


Price: $100.00 and up depending on type of feathers and size of quillwork.

For Small Feathers shown below prices start at $10.00 each for no quillwork, $15.00 each with quilled piece and higher for extra quillwork/beadwork.