Item #11

Square or rectangular pouch with fringe and edge beaded with Czech #11 seed beads.  Pouches can be done in any color pattern you like.


Price: $75.00 & up depending on size and amount of quilling


Item #12

Quilled Rosette Pouch.  This particular pouch has pieces of turquoise encircled with beads as well as cowry shells and turquoise beads.  You can include things like this on your design.

Price: $100.00 and up depending on amount of quillwork, beads, shells, or other items added.

Item #13

Possibles bag.  These are larger and have endless possibilities for decoration.  This bag was made for Deb Cipriani of The American Domestic Skunk Assoc.—Ohio Chapter.  It is designed after her pet skunk Daisy.

Price: $175.00 and up. Final price depends on  the type of leather used, amount of quillwork, beading, fringe, and other decorations.

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