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Rosettes, Dentalium, Dance Fan

**All items on this page have been sold and are representative of what we create.  They can help you decide what you may like to order.

Item #14

Beaded and Beaded with quills rosettes.  These are great additions to Dance Clothes, Dance Fans, Made into barrettes, etc…  Average sizes are 3 inches but can be whatever size you want.

Price: $40.00 and up depending on size and if quills are added.  Add $10.00 for braided buckskin border.

Item #15

Dentalium Shell Earrings.  These were worn by several tribes and at varying lengths. 


Price: $5.00 an inch per pair based on 4 shells wide.  Set pictured is $30.00.


Matching Chokers are available, e-mail or call for prices.

Item #16

Peyote Stitch Dance Fan made with Small McCaw Feathers and #11 czech seed beads.


Price: $150.00 and up depending on cost of feathers required and amount of beadwork.  This particular fan sold for  $275.00